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The Nightingale’s New Song: A Black Woman’s Poetic Notes is a journey of challenges and triumphs. It is an inspirational story of pain, love, and hope.


It is a story healing told in free-verse poems and rhymes. It is the story of a Caribbean born woman who in time, embraced her identity as a confident Black woman in America, and a most loving mother who is fulfilled in her role of head of her household.


Last but not least, the Poet fully embraces her identity as a writer as well as a performer, amid the most tempestuous storms of her life.


This is the first book of poetry and prose in Michaëlle  Martial's series Journal of the Caribbean Nightingale.

Of Love & Lust: A Caribbean Woman's Magic! is composed of

three sections in the following order: “Of Lust,” “Of Self-Love,” and “Of Love.” Each section has ten poems. One of those poems is in completely in Haitian Creole (Laviwondede) and another one is entirely in French (A fleur de peau). The thirty pieces are in diverse literary forms ranging from Villanelle, to free verse poems.


The author has portrayed love and lust two in separate lights, all while implying that self-love comes before truly loving someone else in a romantic relationship. Through these writings, the author hopes to inspire women (and men) everywhere to fall in love with who they are, including their body, no matter the shape or size.

This is the second book of Poetry and prose in Michaëlle Martial’s series Journal of the Caribbean Nightingale.

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