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I invite you to experience the Elegance of RELAXATION THROUGH VERSE Poetry Salon in the comfort of your own home with TiZwezo Poetry Café. Get your Custom Mug, RTV Artists Merch, and Gourmet Coffee & Hot Chocolate available soon! Best if sipped by a cozy fireplace as part of your self-care routine or with your loved ones.

I have personally sampled coffees from several US based roasteries who practice fair trade in their business with coffee farms in Africa, South America, and the Caribbean. I believe I have finally found the right coffee flavors that go smoothly with my poetry and that will please the most delicate palate.

Remember, life is short. Take it one sip, one note, and one rhyme at a time.

Yours truly,

The Caribbean Nightingale

Owner & Performing Poet



Indulge in 3 rich flavors of Caribbean Nightingale Specialty Coffee

"Life is short. Take it one sip, one note, one rhyme at a time."

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