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Warm Welcome

Hi! As a Poet from Haiti who was trained by my mom and grandma, I view the art of cooking from a cultural standpoint - a beautiful way to connect with others. All cooks, including myself, hold a food permit from the state of Utah. Thank you for trusting us with your catering needs.

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Catering Poetically

We currently offer a delectable selection of Rice & Peas, Caribbean spiced Chicken, Meat Patties (Empanadas), Organic Salads (Regular & Spicy), and Tropical Beverages for parties of 10, 25, and 50. Vegetarian/Vegan options.

Questions? Send Email or Text 801-709-1367 

M E N U  C H O I C E S

Did You Know?
Le Rossignol means "nightingale" in French. It is the only bird that sings both day and night.
Here at
 Le Rossignol Caribbean Café, we cater most if not all events hosted by Caribbean Nightingale LLC.

Le Rossignol: Catering Poetically


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