• Makaya Catering (Haitian - Caribbean)

  • Cocina Cairbena (Dominican - Caribbean)

  • Edy's Magic Spoon (West African)

  • Mazza (Middle Eastern Cuisine)

  • Joe's Cafe (Southern - Soulfood)


  • Relaxation Through Verse - Poetry Salon

  • 365 Poetry

  • The Sisterhood

  • Dimebox Gallery

  • Art Access Gallery

  • Rock Canyon Poets

  • The Printed Garden


DV Support

  • Utah Woman of Color Council

  • LULAC Utah

  • Utah African American Chamber of Commerce

  • YWCA- Salt Lake City

  • Colavi Svs

BIPOC & LGBT Friendly List
by Caribbean Nightingale LLC

 Dear fellow nightingales as someone who values the arts as well as an entrepreneurial spirit, I've compiled this list for you of my favorite local POC (Peopole of Color) artists/entrepreneurs as well as POC & LGBT friendly spaces in Utah. I have crossed path with each one of them. They are as talented as they are hard-working. My hope is that your path to emotional healing may be a holistic one that will get you to the point where you can stop and smell the roses each day. Please check back as this list will continue to grow and SHARE! 

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C A R I B B E A N - N I G H T I N G A L E . C O M  :  A  P O E T'S  T O U C H