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On Black Joy & Resilience

Bonjour ! S ak pase? Welcome to my blog & vlog where my monthly posts are intended to empower you with poetic stories and insightful tips on self-care, travel, cooking, parenting and co-parenting. My name is Michaëlle Martial. I am a published Poet, Spoken Word Artist, and founder of Caribbean Nightingale LLC.


Like many of you, I've had my share of traumatic experiences. I've lost a child. I'm a survivor of domestic abuse and sexual assault. Growing up in Haiti, I also witnessed violent coups and the effect of extreme poverty on my people. Yet, I believe that Black Joy is a conscious mindset that has been reflected in Black culture across the globe for centuries.

More often than not, finding that inner joy has come from artistic expression. When we embrace Black Joy, we honor our African ancestors, we honor ourselves, and we begin to experience healing from trauma.


Friend, it's never too late to start your journey to resilience and healing. Thank you for subscribing to my blog!

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