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  • Relaxation Through Verse: a [Black] Love Affair
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  • A Relaxation Through Verse Celebration of International Women’s Day
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  • Poets Aloud
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  • Relaxation Through Verse Celebrates National Poetry Month
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  • Love is Love! Pride Month Celebration at Relaxation Through Verse
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The Caribbean Nightingale Poet

Michaëlle Martial is a Haitian-born Author & Spoken Word Artist best known as the Caribbean Nightingale Poet.​ She is the mother of an infant gone too soon and a domestic violence survivor who is fiercely dedicated to empowering other women through her Books, Poetry Performances, Workshops, and Blog.

The poet recently created Caribbean Nightingale LLC to promote the healing powers of the arts. In addition, Caribbean Nightingale LLC seeks to highlight the work of emerging artists of color and LGBTQ+ artists. This mission is accomplished mainly through the author's blog (Black Joy is), online store (, and a recurring poetry salon (Relaxation Through Verse), the first of its kind in Utah.

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